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Venonta Vivo (En) 26. Data

Omni had mixed feelings, deep down she knew it was a good decision, but she couldn’t help thinking she failed in her mission. She shook her head and decided to revisit the information about the planets in the system previously discarded.
Once she loaded the information, she dismissed CMP-000 one. Maybe it would be a good idea to rescan CMP-001, send a probe to gather new images and data. So she did.
While she was waiting, she read the protocols she had to follow to update the project. It took her some time to find some contradictions. She didn’t expect that at all, she was puzzled. She thought the directives were checked meticulously to avoid this kind of situations, but it seemed that was not the case.
Omni needed those protocols, without them, she was lost. The mere idea of not knowing what to expect next was terrifying. And she didn’t like that. “Come down,” she muttered. She could take some advice from G01-S05-DT-Deta and maybe G01-S02-DA-Daan. She felt something new, she felt she could rely on them, a little less alone. That might be the warmth Ame76 sometimes referred to. “Interesting!” She thought and added a post to her private diary.
That was a perfect time to charge and clear her head.

Omni powered fully on when she received a notification of the arrival of a torrent of data from CMP-001. She started looking into the overview of the planet. It was quite big, with a heavy gravity rate–she had considered that a problem. On the other hand, it looked like there was no intelligent life–even though she couldn’t be completely sure now. An update on the system would be necessary–no presence of bacteria and no viruses. Only a thirty percent of the planet was water–that might be a setback–and a denser atmosphere.
Even if the planet was not completely inhospitable, Omni was worried about the inability of the subjects already printed–and the forest–to adapt to the new environmental conditions.

To be continued…
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