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Venonta Vivo (En) 25. Away

The sentence was interrupted by the blast. The communal hook exploded pushing everyone away violently.
“What happened!” said Omni? “Gent, how are you?”
One after another, wireless confirmations of different status were arriving from everyone in the room. No one was lost.
“It might have been the quasar pulsator, it was still connected to the system,” said G01-S02-DA-Daan. “I found a glitch in your analyses that got replicated exponentially. Apparently, it echoed through the pulsator.”
Omni sent a signal and a group of adaptable robots came in through the door. They divided into smaller groups and started checking on the health of the members and fixing the explosion area.
After that, Omni connected to the main computer and initiated a full system check. That would take quite a while.
“If everyone is OK, let’s talk about what we should do now,” Omni said.
“What do you suggest? You are in charge of the mission after all,” said G01-S05-DT-Deta.
“I want to know your opinions, though.”
“Let’s see, what are our current options? We are in an inhabited planet (82 % chance), hostile (64 % chance), project completion (8 %), and a current probability of success of 49 %,” said G01-S02-DA-Daan.
“Are there some other factors that we should take in consideration?” Asked G01-S00-CS-Censer.
That question sparkled a brief high-speed discussion. Once finished, it seemed the decision was taken–
“Let’s find a nicer home then, ĉu ni?” Said G01-S03-DC-Dacol.

To be continued…
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