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Venonta Vivo (En) 23. Record and Forget

It was quite clear that it had not much time. Omny played with the idea of using the being for some experiments of her own, but she was sure it wouldn’t survive. Also, she knew it would be wrong.
“G01-S05-DT-Deta’ are you listening?”
“Yes, go ahead.”
“We have several options about the being. Have you received them? What is the better path to follow?”
“Indeed. I think we should probably can it and store it.”
Perfekta! Let’s feim-ho now!”
It was worth to try to seal the being’s clear ball. Omny didn’t know what material was it made of, but guesses it should be quite resistant to external elements. First she would try to use some dura-glass in a small part of the ball.
Omny was carefully applying some patches until all gas seemed to be contained. The energy inside, started changing its colours, in a sequence from really bright to very pale shades of red, orange, yellow, and blue.
“Now, let’s see if I can record you.” She muttered.
She would need a similar energy membrane that was used with themselves. This time, it would need to be aseptic if she would want to get the cleanest digital copy possible. Honestly, she could use some help.
“G01-S01-PR-Patrec, do you have a moment?” She asked.
“What is it?”
“You could help me with the being, your skills could be very useful. Could you come to the lab now?”
“In my way.” It said.
Moments afterwards, it arrived ready to study the case.
They needed to compile some information doing some tests on the being, and G01-S01-PR-Patrec correlated that data with the previous known procedures.
“I don’t think we have much time. The colour sequence of the being seem to stay longer on the pale tones.” Omny said.
“I think we have a method that currently has over 73 % possibility of success.”
“Is a bit low, right?”
“Think that we have little information of it, but if we managed to get digitalised, so it will.”
“True. Is the best you can do?”
“I’m afraid so. Are you religious?” G01-S01-PR-Patrec asked jokingly.
“That is a very strange question, don’t you think? Religious?” Omny was truly puzzled. “How weird.” She thought.
“Oh, don’t take it so seriously. I’m just joking.” Said G01-S01-PR-Patrec trying to sound the most natural possible. She looked frankly worried. “Let’s do this, shall we?”
Sus!” She induced.
It took quite a while. They used a blank printed membrane, and some quasar pulsators to compensate the lack of strength of the being, to record it in a sandboxed area.
“I’m not completely sure how faithful is the recording. We have no much data to compare. I mean, the being itself is not a big pool where to check from.” Said G01-S01-PR-Patrec after a long silence.
“This will have to be it.” Omny replied. “Do a double check on the sandbox and tag it properly as ‘Alien Hazard Code Gamma’. I don’t want surprises.”
“It’s time to rest, recharge and restart.”

To be continued…

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