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Aman Nòlem

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Venonta Vivo (En) 14. Landscape

The party exited the ship. Omni was impressed with the colours of the land. There were more shades of blue, green, and red than she could ever capture and analyse. The continent was quite rocky and dusty, with big areas of rich soil.
G01-S03-DC-Dacol took a moment to take all the samples she could. Samples of anything she found in her way—air, small rocks, dust of each colour. Also, she recorded temperature and humidity levels every 142 cycles. Took some pictures and shared them with G01-S01-PR-Patrec for it to start a simple database.
The sky darkened in a matter of seconds, and it started to rain—quite thin at the beginning. Suddenly it was pouring down heavily, violently. Then, it stopped. Silence. Quiet again. Water run quickly and filtered through visible cracks on the ground, taking part of the dust with it. Behind it, the ground now muddy dried on their very eyes like if the whole picture was at high speed.
G01-S03-DC-Dacol timed and stored the full process without even say a word.
Omni was delighted and intrigued. She wrote a note to remember to ask G01-S02-DA-Daan later about what would happen with the current ecosystem balance if they planted the forest room. She also wandered what all the water went to. She would have expected it to evaporate rather than filtrate into the ground. Maybe G01-S04-IC-Increa could create some initial parameters for her to think-imagine about the subject.
“If no-gent is damaged, let’s keep iranta.” Omni said.
“Let’s follow this way here.” said G01-S05-DT-Deta, “It looks interesting.”
They climbed a soft hill, on top of which they could see the ocean. Vast, dark, scary. On the other side of the hill, at its bottom, they could see something that called their attention.
“G01-S01-PR-Patrec, does that remind you of something?” Omni asked.
“Let me compare it with a couple of images in my database.”
“Could it be an ancient tomb?” asked G01-S04-IC-Increa, “Or a burrow of an unknown animal.”
“A previous early scan of the planet showed no intelligent life,” explained Omni, “but it’s true that this could be from a dead by now civilisation. Interesting.”
“Oh, that’s indeed interesting!” exclaimed G01-S01-PR-Patrec.

To be continued…

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Aman Nòlem
21 Setembre 2021